Congressional Black Caucus PAC

Bob McGlotten

Bob McGlotten is a partner in the legislative affairs consulting firm of McGlotten & Jarvis. Bob formed the firm with long-time friend and fellow lobbyist John Jarvis after his retirement from the AFL-CIO in March 1995. During his twenty-eight-year tenure at the American Federation of Labor, he served the 14 million-member organization in several capacities, most recently as its Legislative Director. McGlotten had also worked in the Federation’s Department of Civil Rights, as Executive Director of the Human Resources Development Institute, as Associate Director of the Legislative Department, and as Legislative Representative. Prior to joining the AFL, he had previously served in the US Department of Labor as Special Assistant to then-Secretary Peter J. Brennan.

McGlotten has received awards from the National Alliance of Businessmen, National Urban League and the Recruitment and Training Program. He is the recipient of the Congressional Black Caucus 1981 William L. Dawson Award, the Opportunities Industrialization Center of America’s 1989 Award of Honor for A. Philip Randolph, and the 1987 Philip A. Randolph Institute Achievement Award. In addition, Mr. McGlotten was the Embassy of Israel’s Dr. Martin Luther King Commemoration 1990 Civil Rights award recipient. He is presently Vice Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, a member of the Board of the National Council for Political Management, George Washington University and a former member of the Board of Trustees of Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and St. Joseph’s College for Industrial and Labor Management, Bob McGlotten also served two and a half years in the US Army. He is married to the former Cheryl Goode.