Who We Are

The Congressional Black Caucus PAC works tirelessly to increase the number of Black Members of the US Congress. We also strive to support Non-Black Candidates who will champion the needs and interests of the Black Community. Most importantly, the CBCPAC promotes participation of Black Americans in the political process.

We support candidates and members who will serve their communities with passion, dignity and above all else integrity. We are committed to advancing the issues that matter to all members of the communities we are privileged to serve, regardless of race, color or creed.

There are currently 60 Black members of Congress comprising the largest Congressional Black Caucus in history. Through your continued support we are working every day to ensure that the needs of every American are being met by the representatives that serve them. We will use our influence to amplify key issues and ensure that our voice is heard in the conversations that will shape the future of our nation. Please follow us on social media and continue to visit our website for the latest updates on our mission and our members.

To be considered for endorsement by the CBCPAC please contact campaigns@cbcpac.org

CBC PAC Members

A Message from the CBCPAC Chair

“I am proud to continue serving as the Congressional Black Caucus PAC (CBCPAC) Chair for the 117th Congress as we keep the focus on electing leaders that will fight for economic growth, prosperity, and justice for all Americans. The members of the Congressional Black Caucus are working hard so that polarization in Washington does not further erode America’s middle class and setback progress for generations to come. Our 56 members are in some of the strongest leadership positions and have used their influence to make real and significant advancements in policies that put our country in better standing at home and globally, and allow Americans to thrive.

– CBCPAC Chairman Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY)


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